Final Reflection: BCM313

To say I have learned a lot from this subject is an underestimate. I think back to what has been taught in The Future of Work (BCM313), and I think it has been more of what has happened outside of the 3hour seminar each week as well as what happens during. Looking back on these thirteen weeks of classes and assessments, I look and see a different individual than who is writing this now.

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Contextual Essay: Independent Digital Asia Auto-Ethnography (Part 3)

For my project, I decided to explore the beauty industry involved in East Asia. The main aspect to explore contained three parts: The products themselves, the digital aspect, and the the ingredients. This was presented in an Instagram page, where I would review a beauty product from East Asia in one post, then discuss the ingredients in a second post, and repeat with each product. The final posts consisted of 10 products and 20 posts.

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An Interview with my sister – Reflection and Presentation

When I was deciding who to interview, there were many candidates I could choose, my parents, my aunts and uncles, work friends, but in then end, there was one person that I knew would be honest and comfortable. We would sit down on the couch, relax, and they would answer every question with no hesitation.

That person is my sister, Nicolina Radic.

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Group Digital Artifact: Mukbang

For this project, we experienced the popular South Korean eating phenomenon, 먹방(mukbang). The term is a combination of two Korean words, 먹는(meokneun), meaning “eating”, and 방송(bangsong), meaning “broadcast”, which makes a mukbang, quite literally, an ‘eating broadcast’. Although originating in South Korea thanks to the loneliness of unmarried or uncoupled Koreans, the Internet has helped the phenomenon gain popularity worldwide, with many non-Korean Youtubers now also posting their own mukbang videos.

As for the Korean versions, depending on the mukbang, the audience may or may not pay for the privilege of watching their favourite host (known as ‘broadcast jockeys’, or ‘BJs’, in the mukbang world) eat. BJs interact and chat with their audiences, sometimes claiming to be the audiences ‘avatar’ and following exactly what they are requested to do. These BJs can sometimes make a lot of money for their efforts – Wikipedia lists  ‘BJ The Diva’, who made $9,300US a month in 2014, and ‘BJ Patoo’, a 14-year-old host who makes an estimated $1,500 a night. Continue reading “Group Digital Artifact: Mukbang”

Theres never enough makeup: Independent Digital Asia Auto-ethnography (Part 2)

I previously did a blog post about my Independent Digital Asia Auto-ethnography, which was to be based on the Asian Beauty industry and my journey to view what it was like. I have done more research these past few weeks and  started to understand the East Asian beauty industry a little more through auto-ethnography, autobiography, and ethnography.

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BCM313 Narrative Reflection

When I first looked at the task for BCM313, I was feeling a lot of emotions, more so confusion. It was a task I was unsure of the pattern in which I would approach it, but with some thinking, I believe the question can be answered:

In this narrative reflection, to be published on your blog, you are invited to take one aspect of the narrative practice work we have covered in class and extend this with some further reading on current media and scholarly coverage of the future of work

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Who doesn’t love a little makeup: Independent Digital Asia Autoethnography

So when people think of make up in the western world we think of exclusive brands, a long process for people to apply, and the certain styles that are considered the norm for western culture. However the East Asian (EA) culture of makeup and beauty differs dramatically, and because of this, I have decided to complete my Independent DA Autoethnography on EA Beauty culture

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Akira: The time of the future is now

The 1988 anime Akira was ahead of its time, with vibrant colours, drawing techniques and changing the way anime is created, however my reaction to the story can be summed up in one tweet:

So lets talk about Akira and autoethnography

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The Personal Mirror: A Self Reflection

Last week in my BCM313 class I completed the Myer Brigg’s personality test. If you’re unaware of the test, it is a series of questions that assesses your personality and describes your strengths, weaknesses, as well as other traits. But looking back on the test, I feel conflicted.

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Almighty Gojira

Ok, lets be honest for the first blog post of the semester… I wasn’t able to make it.

I know, I know, first day and I can’t make my first BCM320 class, BUT, it doesn’t mean I didn’t do my own research at home, and for this week, the discussion was towards Auto-ethnography, and the 1954 film Gojira.

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