Research Update: Feminism and the Future of Universities

When I finalised my project on March 13th (if you’re confused to what I’m talking about click HERE) I thought I would find the project easy and not hard to do, as overall it was a topic I was interested in learning about.

Its been… interesting what I’ve learned.

In relation to my question – “How has Feminism affected Universities as a whole and how does it affect both the University and students in the future?” The first thing I have confirmed through is there is a large influence that feminism places on universities. The amount of classes that exist throughout universities has increased and feminism seems to affect them as a whole, however, people will either dedicate their time at university to feminism or will simply try to ignore it.

Through answers I have received on my online survey, the answers have been very polarised thoughout. While 73% defined as a feminist, and 60% say that feminism is on the rise, they were unsure about whether feminism affects universities at all. Over half believed that feminist classes have both a positive and negative outcome, and 45% thought that students maybe were being silenced if they had opposing views. Longer responses showed contrasting views, especially when asked if feminism has had a positive or negative impact on social issues in the 21st century. (Note: results may change for the final report as the survey is still open)

For future investigation, I am hoping to gain an interview from someone who is enrolled in a gender based or feminist based class (examples include Gender and Sexualities: SOC210). If I have time, I consider to also gain an interview from an opposing view of that. I will hope to also conduct tally across UOW campus with basic questions proposed to students.

In conclusion, I hope to engage critical judgement and a socially responsible research ethic to conclude how feminism and universities connect.

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Image credits: Denis Bocquet under CC BY 2.0 – Paris 2017


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